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Field Market Research (FMR) focuses on B2B market research projects across the Philippines. We help clients achieve their business goals by providing them with essential data that they will use to come up with sound and effective business decisions.

The Philippines has once again proved to the international community that it is a fast-emerging market, and is currently regarded as one of the Tiger Cubs of Southeast Asia. The country has been recognized to be among the countries in the region whose GDP growth is the highest, at 6.8% back in 2016, compared to its neighbors who are still struggling to achieve GDP growth stability.

If there is one area in which the Philippines has been successful, then that would be export-oriented industries. Majority of the country’s industrial sector is based on processing and assembly line operations in the manufacturing of various end-products, such as electronics and high-tech spare parts and components, usually coming from multinational and transnational companies.

The country is also regarded to be abundant with an educated, English-speaking workforce that is relatively more affordable compared to its Asian neighbours. This market value indicated that there are still highly considerable areas of cost-effective opportunities for investment geared to labor-intensive businesses.

Urbanization and the modernization of the middle class have likewise created a rather diverse and intricate consumer market. At present, the country’s service sector now consists of 57% of GDP and is continuously growing. This figure is already high compared to other already developed countries not only in the region but also across the globe.

It is important to note however, that despite the enticing figures that can be seen from the big picture, business entities, from entrepreneurs to investors, should also be aware of both opportunities and risks that are particular to sectors in which they plan to focus on.

Field Market Research thus takes charge of providing sound B2B market research and strategy advice to those who intend to invest in businesses in the Philippines. We at Field Market Research offer B2B market and strategy recommendations to clients for them to grow their businesses in accordance with their goals and target achievements. Since its inception, Field Market Research has already helped multinational entities in understanding the country’s socio-economic and business landscape by laying down comprehensive and detailed market entry and growth strategy outputs, making it one of the most reputable market research agencies in the Philippines.

We take pride in providing clean, clear, and useful research material that can be easily analyzed, interpreted, and used for various business strategies by means of solid market intelligence. Because of this approach, we have already gained confidence from our clients, not to mention repeat engagement of over 95%.

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